and Japanese Monozukuri

During my previous work experience in the Prefecture of Saga, in the field of Textile Architecture, I I had the opportunity to work with Japanese craftsmen for the first time. 


Their devotion for innovation while respecting the traditional craftsmanship values in order to create the best product for their clients taught me a lot about the meaning of Japanese Monozukuri


Monozukuri is a Japanese concept, which meaning is literally « Make (zukuri) things (mono) ». There is no word expressing the philosophy of Monozukuri in English.

If this word may have the meaning of « production », it also includes the nuances of continuous improvement of skills and products, aiming to perfection and the know-how of Japanese craftsmen. 

We both were I. Contact with Monozukuri during our previous work experiences, and we felt the genuine honor and pride of Japanese people we were working with. The respect they have towards materials and finished products made us want to have C.MARIE bags made by hand in Japan, by local craftsmen based in Northern Kyushu, where Shota is born and Marie lives since January 2016.  


With the goal of making bags that would last « a lifetime », we created C.MARIE in February 2018.