Bags designed by a French mind
Made by Japanese hands



C.MARIE is a French-Japanese brand created by Shota and Marie Yasutake, which makes elegant and lightweight bags for daily use.

The bags are handmade by Japanese craftsmen based in Northern Kyushu, Japan, which makes each piece unique.

The fabric used is a high-quality PVC leather developed by a French firm. 


We aim to offer timeless bags that are made according to today’s work and cruelty free ethics, and combining the best of Japanese craftsmanship and French technology.

Handbags collection

Bags with a large capacity and a simple design

fitting the daily life of modern working women.

Handmade in Japan. 

Timeless design, matching suits as well as more casual dress, while being noticed for the quality of its workmanship. 

5 colors available.

Designed and handmade in Saga (Japan).


In order to preserve the quality of the handcraft we wish to deliver to our customers, the number of bags actually made each month is limited.

However, as we are receiving a lot of orders, C.MARIE handbags are only available for reservation. 

Estimated shipping date : 

In stock (Blue, Dark Grey, Purple)

By the end of March, 2020. (Black, Brown, Light Grey)


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« Shiki Ori-Ori »

(throughout the seasons)

Shoulder bags

Collection of 4 shoulder bags,

which colors and illustrations on the inside tell the story

of seasons in Japan through flowers. 

The Daffodil announcing the spring to come, Hydrangeas that bloom during the rain season in summer, the Physalis (Japanese lantern) which papery husk dries during Autumn, revealing the fruit enclosed, and the Camellia, that put a touch of color in grayish winter landscapes. 


This collection has been entirely designed and drawn by us, and the bags are handmade in Fukuoka City. 


SUISEN (Mustard Yellow) bags are out of stock and only available for reservation.

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Pouches et accessories

Two versions of C.MARIE minimalist Clutches, for organizing all the small things in your handbags, going fancy on a party night, or store your cosmetics in your luggage for a trip. 

With or without wrist handle, two sizes, a unisex product that will enhance your style. 

Our clutches are handmade by a craftsman located in Fukuoka and specializing in luxury bags repair and creation. 

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A concept turned into a product

During my previous work experience in the Prefecture of Saga, in the field of Textile Architecture, I I had the opportunity to work with Japanese craftsmen for the first time. 


Their devotion for innovation while respecting the traditional craftsmanship values in order to create the best product for their clients taught me a lot about the meaning of Japanese Monozukuri. 


After a year and a half in this company, and with my husband Shota, I decided in February 2018 to leave my job to create bags that will last « a life time », handmade one by one, locally while being cruelty free. 


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About materials used

Our bags are the alliance of simple and elegant designs, fine details in the handcraft, and choosing the right materials to make them last.

C.MARIE bags are made using a lightweight material, with an easy maintenance, solution dyed, cotton linings, plated metallic parts, YKK zippers, coated sewing threads for bags that would last a lifetime. 

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Our products are cruelty free, which means that they do not contain animal products (leather, silk, wool, …) and that the materials are not tested on animals. 

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C.MARIE's team

Shota and Marie Yasutake

We co-founded C.MARIE in February 2018 with the common goal of making Saga’s craftsmanship known through our bags.

Marie designs the products, manages the international dimension of the brand and the communication, and Shota takes care of administrative tasks as well as customer follow-up in Japan. We are both implied in C.MARIE’s strategy, relationships with our partners and the preparation of your orders. 


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Where can I buy C.MARIE's products?

C.MARIE products are available on this website’s online shop in Japanese, or on our Etsy page for the rest of the world (we also take orders by email - paiement by PayPal only). 

Japanese craftsmanship, handmade one by one, high-quality materials which will last, all of these have a price, that we prefer not to add to the cost of a real shop. 

We are also participating to events where you can buy our products so keep posted on our social media !

C.MARIE in the news

You can hear our story, our thoughts about cruelty free fashion, or even our daily life in Tosu in a lot of media. 

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Sustainable development goals (UN)

C.MARIE is PETA approved.

Goal 12. Responsible production and consumption.

- No animal product used

- A fair relationship with our commercial partners.

- Products made to last

- Use of a recyclable material

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