About materials used

For our bags and accessories, we chose materials that are likely to last a long time. 

The fabric used for our bags is a PVC coated textile developed by a French company. It is lightweight, with easy maintenance, solution dyed so the color will not fade, resisting to water (no worry on rainy days!), and very smooth to the touch. 


Our bags are cotton lined, and metallic parts, zippers, accessories are plated so they will still look as-new after years of use, sewing threads are coated for more resistance through time.  


The material does not deteriorate when in contact with water, and will keep your precious things dry.

UV resistant

Neither the color of the bag nor its technical properties will deteriorate when exposed to the sunlight. You do not need to store your bag out of direct sunlight or to hydrate it to prevent the fabric of drying.

Mould resistant

Thanks to a special coating, contact with humidity will not cause mould on the bag.

Easy maintenance

The surface treatments of the material avoids dirt from sticking, and makes it easy to clean with water of soft cleaning products. Also, the bags does not require any hydrating products to keep its flexibility and its shape.


The fabric itself is a very light product, making the final bag weight of 780g, so that it is not putting too much weight on the shoulder.