Fashion without animal products

C.MARIE bags do not contain any animal product. 

When we were sketching the first bags for C.MARIE, we decided not to use animal leather to manufacture them. While searching for more information about leather production in Asia, what we found made us take the decision not to take part in a business that is cruel to animals, humans producing the leather, and environnement. 


Leather is perceived as a luxury material, contrary to synthetic leather that is seen as a way to cut down on production prices. However, demand for leather keeps on growing, and if leather was a complementary product to the meet industry, it is now an activity that kills animals for their skin only. 


In order to lower prices, a lot of Asian leather in tanned in countries where labour conditions are deplorable, in Bangladesh for example, where chemicals used pollute water, lands, resulting in illness and mortality of local populations. 


Considering those ethical and ecological issues, we chose to use a materials developed by a French company and made in Switzerland, that took into account sustainable development challenges.

If we often feel we cannot do anything against those issues, we were indeed able to act at our level by making the choice of non-animal products for our bags, thus increasing the offer for Cruelty Free products in Japan.