Our story has been published in a French newspaper

Hello everybody!

You are very welcome on C.MARIE's blog.

If you came here without seeing our website first, let us introduce ourselves first.

I am Marie, I am French and my husband, Shota, is Japanese. We live in Saga prefecture, Japan.

We founded the handbag brand C.MARIE in February this year.

Our concept ? French bag design, Japanese craftsmanship, and long lasting cruelty free materials.

Here, we will talk in a less official way about our everyday life as entrepreneurs in Japan, bag related topics, and various things concerning events and our company.

Here we are for our first blog post ! We wanted to share our first press release. It has been published in the Dauphiné Libéré local newspaper in France on 5th June.

Crédits : Le Dauhpiné Libéré

We were able to talk about a lot of things such as how I started from scratch in a small French village to end up founding a company with my Japanese husband in Japan, or what are our values when it comes to bag making, why we chose not to use animal leather to make our bags, ...

The French firm Serge Ferrari also joined us in order to present the material that we used for our first bags and that they develop near my hometown.

L'article étant assez immense, il a fallu le recoller après le scan !

I was very pleased to present my little experience in this article, I hope young people have read it and will feel motivated to fulfill their dreams, whatever it is!

We hope that we will be able to share new articles from Japanese or French or anywhere else's newspaper !

We will be soon back for a new post concerning our trip to France ! See you !

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