C.MARIE in Nishi Nihon newspaper !

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We are already writing another post, but it takes some time to complete, and we could not wait to translate our first appearance in a Japanese newspaper : Japan's West newspaper Nishi Nihon Shimbun !

After an hour interview with Nishi Nihon Shimbun's journalist, our story has been published on 7th, July in the paper version and also on their website !

Here comes a translation of the article :

" A French-Japanese couple releases their bag brand.

Shota and Marie Yasutake are a French-Japanese couple living in Tosu city. They launched their own bag brand C.MARIE. The bags are the combination of a French material and a Japanese handcraft work done in Saga.

They both wanted to offer bags reminding French elegance, and made according to Japanese Monozukuri principles. For them, design is as important as functionality.

A collaboration between a French Material and Saga's craftsmanship

Shota and Marie Yasutake are a French-Japanese couple living in Tosu city, Saga Prefecture. They just launched their own bag brand C.MARIE

Shota comes from Fukuoka city, where he used to work in a local company.

He got married this year to Marie, who comes from La Tour Du Pin in France, and used to work in a company based in Taku city, Saga prefecture, where she first took an interest in Japanese Monozukuri.

They chose Tosu to settle in, because it was halfway their workplaces.

It is when Marie made business card holders to give to customers at an exhibition that she thought that she wanted to take part into Monozukuri too. Shota and Marie both quit their job and founded C.MARIE.

The concept Marie has in mind when she designs a new bag for 20-30 years customers is "giving joy to the woman who will use our bag".

For now, 4 colors are available, and the material, a PVC leather, comes from the company where Marie's father is working. It is usually used for furniture and the point in using it for bags are its lightweight, dirt, water, UV resistance and its easy cleaning.

If Marie has always been drawing, it is her first experience as a designer.

Shota says that "at first, we did not know the codes of this sector, and it was not easy to find someone who could adapt to this." It was an encounter who became their current partner for making the bags.

"When we made the prototype, we have been able to identity the dimensions, zipper sizes that were to modify because Marie used it daily, so today's bags are totally different."

The bags are available on their website C.MARIE Bags, at the price of 28,000 Yen (about 249 USD). They are currently looking for stores where they could distribute their products."

Suzaki Takihiko

This is it for this article which retraces the launching of C.MARIE

We do not usually read the press here, but seeing our faces in a Japanese newspaper is pretty exciting !

We will soon be back with a new post, and we will also have another media releases to share here !

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Marie (et Shota)

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