« Shiki Ori-Ori »

(throughout the seasons)

Shoulder bags

Collection of 4 shoulder bags, which colors and illustrations on the inside tell the story of seasons in Japan through flowers. 


The Daffodil announcing the spring to come, Hydrangeas that bloom during the rain season in summer, the Physalis (Japanese lantern) which papery husk dries during Autumn, revealing the fruit enclosed, and the Camellia, that put a touch of color in grayish winter landscapes. 


This collection has been entirely designed and drawn by us, and the bags are handmade in Fukuoka City.

About Shiki Ori-Ori bags collection

Material : PVC coated textile

Lining : Cotton (Satin touch)

Weight of the bag : 400g

Dimensions : L 22 x l 8 x H 14 cm

Flap size : 22 x 19 cm

Adjustable shoulder strap : 140 cm

2 pockets 17 x 10 cm (5,5 inches smartphone)

Magnetic clasp

Made in Japan metallic parts

Cruelty Free

Handmade in Fukuoka City (Japan) 

Price : 33000 Yen


  • An original and floral collection

  • The perfect size to bring all your essentials

  • Flowers selected for their meaning in the seasons’ changes in Japan

  • Locally made in a hundred years history workshop

SUISEN (Mustard Yellow) bags are out of stock and only available for reservation.

4 bags for a journey through the seasons in Japan

TSUBAKI x BLACK (Camellia)


The Camellia is a tree I started to love once I spent a winter in Japan. Its pink flowers bloom in a lot of places from December, putting a touch of color in the grayscale map landscape. 

When the flap is open, you can see Camellia drawn in golden yellow on black cotton, putting a touch of color to this black bag as Camellia do with wintery landscapes.

This bag is a basic which you can wear with colorful as well as sober clothes. 


Spring in Japan sounds like the classic sakura (cherry blossoms) landscape picture. For me, spring is coming when daffodil start to bloom along roads.


I used to pick daffodils with my grand mother when I was a child, and when I saw Daffodils for the first time in Japan I felt nostalgic remembering this flower picking sessions each year. For me, Daffodil is the starting point of all the beautiful flowers of spring. 

The mustard color of the bags is for the yellow flowers blooming after a cold winter making us realize spring is here. 

AJISAI x KHAKI (Hydrangea)

I am often asked if seasons are the same in France and in Japan, and I always answer that they are quite close, except Japan has a rainy season, during which Hydrangeas are in full bloom.

During this period of time, they can be found in any nature spot like parks, temples and shrines, gardens and so on.

Hydrangea is for me the flower announcing a hot and humid summer to come

For the bag itself, I chose a Khaki green because summer landscapes in Japan are mainly made of many shades of green, that beautifully contrast with the purple hydrangeas drawn in the bag. 


Physalis, also called « Japanese lantern », are those beautiful plants with fruits enclosed in an orange papery husk that dries when autumn comes, revealing small orange balls within a white and gentle cage.


The Hozuki bag is carmine red on the outside, color of passion, referring to another nickname given in French « love in a cage », as physalis comes from Greek for « protection ».


Inside the bag can be found variations of Physalis through the seasons. 

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How are our shoulder bags made ? 

These bags are made, from the cutting of the different elements until their assembly, in a workshop with almost 100 years of experience in bags and clothes making located in Fukuoka City. This workshop is certified « J-Quality », which means that their products quality are officially recognized as meeting the standards of National Made in Japan Quality.

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